How to integrate Salesforce with WordPress?

In this article we’re going to talk about getting leads from your WordPress website in the Salesforce leads objects. Through a form so a lot of people may not know, but the Salesforce out of the box on this classic edition has Web-to-Lead, now let’s see how you are managing the leads coming from the Salesforce CRM using – Web -to -Lead :). What are the leads? Leads are basically all people of business interested in the products and services you are trying to sell and leads are standard objects used to store information about potential customers. These leads come from various channels and various sources like you will get leads from phone, email, Facebook page, manual or website etc. What is Web to Lead? Web to Lead is the process of capturing leads coming from your website, like leads coming from your website contact us page or inquiry page etc. What does Salesforce CRM do here? Salesforce helps you all this leads coming from different sources into a sing place called Salesforce CRM. So sales executive simple focus on