How To Add Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Open Graph Meta Tags and and Twitter Card Tags To WordPress sites

Let’s understand the Open Graph Tags and Twitter Cards and how you maximize their impact and how they work on WordPress sites. Have you shared a link on Social networks and noticed that the link automatically generates a rich fragments, This indicates that a large image is displayed with a title and a short description of the shared page. Well, it does not happen by chance. This is a direct result of adding appropriate meta data or “tags” to the source code of the web page.

How do I add my own custom fields to the WordPress registration form ?

In this article, you will learn how to create custom fields for registration forms. If you want to allow registrations on WordPress sites, you need to collect detailed information about the users. If you really need this information, we recommend that you make it mandatory when registering. Otherwise, the user may actually access the profile page and provide additional information. Of course, there are many free and excellent add-ons. It has already been completed, but you can do it manually. This is because the plugin can not execute exactly what you need, or because you want to make the site as light as possible.

How to optimize wordpress website speed with gzip compression

Gzip compression is not new, but we have used compression to compress the concept of page size, local hard disk information to reduce the limit, gzip compression very easy. The algorithm that sets the repeated strings in a single place only, instead of keeping these strings again and again. And it processes those strings with their location values during compression and retrieval of data from compressed files.