How to Restrict Content in WordPress to Logged & Non-Logged in Users ?

Would you like to to restrict or block access to certain content portions of your WordPress site (that is, restrict content to users who are logged into WordPress and those who are not logged in), In other words how to set up a simple membership website with WordPress. This article describes how to restrict the content of a site.

How to Install WordPress core in a Subdirectory using Composer ?

There are many ways to implement WordPress core in a Subdirectory, but WordPress itself has a great article on the Codex “Giving WordPress Its Own Directory”, but I thought do something a bit different with composer’s dependencies. In the last article, I explained the method of installing the composer and how to use it for WordPress Plugin and themes.

How to setup cron job in wordpress without plugin ?

If you are looking for a way to execute commands and tasks on your WordPress site several times a day, something like a specific day, week, month, etc., you’re struggling to accomplish this functionality, don’t worry, I will tell you how to overcome this with a WordPress cron jobs, a cron job is a task that is set to run at a specified interval.

How to Lazy Load Images in WordPress without Plugin

Lazy loading loading is a concept that accepting the content of the website when it requires, instead of doing it all at once. It is called Lazy loading because, as a lazy person, you continue to postpone the performance of something that you do not want. The contradiction is Eager Loading, where you immediately download something, long before you need it.

WordPress Two Factor Authentication Login with Google Authenticator

I will explain here how to set up Google authenticator for your WordPress website this is gonna enhance the security of your website significantly because you’re going to need a second form of authentication are in order to access the backing of your site so you will need a username password and the unique randomly generated code is delivered to your smartphone this will make it much more difficult for people to access your website.

How prevent multiple login with same login credentials in WordPress ?

WordPress users can sign in to their account simultaneously from multiple locations with same username and password, lets take an example, suppose if you’re running a Wordpress membership site in that case people sharing your login information and wanting more access to your site, then it will undoubtedly damage your interests and you know that WordPress has a minor security breach. You do not have to worry about this I will explain how resolves this issue (i.e. blocking simultaneous sign-ins).